Proc dure civile 2014 2015

Titre : Proc dure civile 2014 2015
Auteur : Francis Lefebvre,
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 2368930027
Libération : 2013

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Ce nouveau Mémento expose les règles communes et particulières aux juridictions civiles, commerciales et prudhommales et détaille les différents moyens d'action. Il décrit précisément : - le contexte et les conditions de l'introduction de l'action en justice (principes directeurs du procès, intérêt et qualité à agir, compétence, etc.), - les étapes de la procédure (action initiale, délais, notifications, preuve, défense, instruction, incidents, etc.), - le jugement lui-même et toutes les voies de recours. Une partie importante est consacrée aux procédures relevant du droit des affaires avec des dossiers thématiques approfondis : sociétés, baux commerciaux, entreprises en difficulté. Redistribution de la compétence des tribunaux, modifications de la carte judiciaire, évolution de la mise en état, obligation de concentration des moyens, généralisation de la communication électronique, procédure optionnelle écrite en procédures orales, suppression des avoués et organisation d'une nouvelle procédure d'appel avec des délais rédhibitoires, possibilité de poser une question prioritaire de constitutionnalité, développement des modes alternatifs de résolution des litiges... Enfin un ouvrage qui fait la synthèse d'une procédure civile complexe et mouvante !

Das deutsche Mediationsgesetz im europ ischen Kontext

Titre : Das deutsche Mediationsgesetz im europ ischen Kontext
Auteur : Daniel Elias Serbu
Éditeur : Wolfgang Metzner Verlag
ISBN-13 : 9783943951677
Libération : 2016-06-02

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Zeit- und Kostenersparnis sowie Flexibilität und Nachhaltigkeit bei der einvernehmlichen Lösung von Konflikten – das sind die Hauptanreize die die Mediation als außergerichtliche Streitbeilegungsmethode attraktiv machen und zur ihrer immer stärker werdenden Etablierung als Konfliktlösung geführt haben. Diesen Argumenten ist auch der deutsche Gesetzgeber bei der Umsetzung der Mediationsrichtlinie gefolgt und erließ das Mediationsgesetz zur Förderung alternativer Streitbeilegungsverfahren. Die vorliegende Dissertation erläutert umfassend und rechtsvergleichend - unter Beachtung englischen, französischen und deutschen Rechts - die Umsetzungen der europäischen Mediationsrichtlinie. Im Mittelpunkt der Analyse stehen dabei das deutsche Mediationsgesetz und die Frage, inwiefern die Umsetzung im Vergleich zu den anderen Mitgliedstaaten etwaige Schwächen aufweist und wie diese auf geeignete Weise behoben werden können.

Vocabulary Handbook

Titre : Vocabulary Handbook
Auteur : Linda Diamond
Éditeur : Brookes Publishing Company
ISBN-13 : 1557669287
Libération : 2006

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Part textbook, part practical handbook, this must–have resource from the trusted Consortium on Reading Excellence (CORE) will help every literacy teacher understand key research on vocabulary instruction, put best practices to work in any classroom,

Le Mot et L id e ANGLAIS

Titre : Le Mot et L id e ANGLAIS
Auteur : Jean Rey
Éditeur : Editions OPHRYS
ISBN-13 : 2708000292
Libération : 1963

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Jean Rey A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de Le Mot et L id e ANGLAIS Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Survival of the Prettiest

Titre : Survival of the Prettiest
Auteur : Nancy Etcoff
Éditeur : Anchor
ISBN-13 : 9780307779113
Libération : 2011-02-02

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A provocative and thoroughly researched inquiry into what we find beautiful and why, skewering the myth that the pursuit of beauty is a learned behavior. In Survival of the Prettiest, Nancy Etcoff, a faculty member at Harvard Medical School and a practicing psychologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, argues that beauty is neither a cultural construction, an invention of the fashion industry, nor a backlash against feminism—it’s in our biology. Beauty, she explains, is an essential and ineradicable part of human nature that is revered and ferociously pursued in nearly every civilization—and for good reason. Those features to which we are most attracted are often signals of fertility and fecundity. When seen in the context of a Darwinian struggle for survival, our sometimes extreme attempts to attain beauty—both to become beautiful ourselves and to acquire an attractive partner—suddenly become much more understandable. Moreover, if we understand how the desire for beauty is innate, then we can begin to work in our own interests, and not just the interests of our genetic tendencies.

Letters from God

Titre : Letters from God
Auteur : Ivan Tait
Éditeur : What Matters Ministries and Missions
ISBN-13 : 0981569188
Libération : 2011-10-01

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About the Book Letters from God was born from a desire to see people encouraged and comforted on a daily basis. This book is part faith, part hope, mixed with the promise of realizing God's will for every day. Letters from God carries miraculous potential to build you up while changing and encouraging your life. Our days should be clothed with God's blessings of power and wisdom. We are all on different Journeys but headed to the same destination, which is found fulfilling the will of God and enjoying His presence along the way. These letters are prophetic in nature and spoken directly to you. Allow them to penetrate your heart; they will mend wounds, erase pain, bring clarity, open your soul to soar, and bring peace to your every day. May they be a source of daily wisdom, comfort, and understanding making your footsteps lighter and more purpose filled. When God speaks we are revived. About the Author Ivan Tait is the founder and CEO of What Matters ministries and Missions. He was born in Harlingen Texas and raised in a multicultural, single parent home where he spoke Spanish as his first language and grew up as a local sports hero. His destiny seemed to be planned well ahead of time as one day he had a life changing encounter with a greater purpose. Since then he had dedicated his life to reaching those without hope worldwide. He travels, writes, and speaks for the purpose of providing for the needs of orphans, widows, and the poor. Everyone who hears him is inspired by his enormous heart of love, his revelation and his words of healing.

Law s Judgement

Titre : Law s Judgement
Auteur : William Lucy
Éditeur : Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN-13 : 9781509913299
Libération : 2017-07-27

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Law's Judgement elucidates and defends a feature of contemporary law that is currently either overlooked or too glibly dismissed as morally troublesome or historically anachronistic. That feature is the abstract nature of law's judgement and its three components show that, when law judges us, it often does so in ignorance of our particular characters and abilities, on the one hand, and in ignorance of our context and circumstances, on the other. Law's judgement is thus insensitive to all or much that makes us the particular people we are. The book explores various connections between this mode of judgement and some of our most important legal and political values. It shows that law's abstract judgement is closely related to important juristic conceptions of personhood, responsibility and impartiality, and that these notions are not without moral significance. The book also examines the connections between modern law's judgement and three of our most important political values, namely, dignity, equality and community. It argues that, if we value particular conceptions of dignity, equality and community, then we must also value law's judgement. Illuminating these connections therefore serves a double purpose: first, it makes a case against those who counsel liberation from law's abstract judgement and, second, it redirects attention to the task of morally evaluating law's abstract judgement in its own terms.