Manger et cuisiner co responsable

Titre : Manger et cuisiner co responsable
Auteur : François Pasteau
Éditeur : Hachette Pratique
ISBN-13 : 9782016252390
Libération : 2017-05-10

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Ou comment sauver la planète à coups de fourchette. Cet ouvrage très pratico-pratique n’est pas là pour vous faire la leçon mais juste vous donner des conseils et vous expliquer les grands principes pour devenir éco-responsable même dans sa consommation alimentaire. C’est le crédo de notre auteur François Pasteau, chef du restaurant l’épi du pin, qui met tous les jours en pratique ces grands principes et qui nous proposent ici 50 recettes éco-responsables parce que gourmandise rime aussi avec prise de conscience. Des encadrés aussi de paroles d’expert pour ceux qui voudraient aussi aller plus loin.

Where to Drink Coffee

Titre : Where to Drink Coffee
Auteur : Liz Clayton
Éditeur : Phaidon Press
ISBN-13 : 0714873926
Libération : 2017-07-17

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In the footsteps of bestsellers Where Chefs Eat and Where to Eat Pizza - where the world's best baristas go for a cup of coffee Where to Drink Coffee is THE insider's guide. The best 150 baristas and coffee experts share their secrets - 600 spots across fifty countries - revealing where they go for coffee throughout the world. Places range from cafes, bakeries, and restaurants to surprising spots - a video store and auto shop. The recommendations come with insightful reviews, key information, specially commissioned maps, and an easy-to-navigate geographical organization. It's the only guide you need to get the best coffee in memorable global locations.

Healthful Cuisine

Titre : Healthful Cuisine
Auteur : Anna Maria Clement
Éditeur : Healthful Communications, Incorporated
ISBN-13 : 0977130940
Libération : 2007-07

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If you're one of the millions of people who have learned about the superior health and nutritional benefits of raw and living food and want to begin experiencing its life-enhancing qualities, then 'Healthful Cuisine' is for you. You'll find simple and easy steps to prepare delicious, high frequency foods.

The Ten Food Commandments

Titre : The Ten Food Commandments
Auteur : Jay Rayner
Éditeur : Penguin UK
ISBN-13 : 9780241976708
Libération : 2016-06-23

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Britain's culinary Moses brings us the new foodie rules to live by, celebrating what and how we eat The Ten Commandments may have had a lot going for them, but they don't offer those of us located in the 21st Century much in the way of guidance when it comes to our relationship with our food. And Lord knows we need it. Enter our new culinary Moses, the legendary restaurant critic Jay Rayner, with a new set of hand-tooled commandments for this food-obsessed age. He deals once and for all with questions like whether it is ever okay to covet thy neighbour's oxen (it is), eating with your hands (very important indeed) and if you should cut off the fat (no). Combining reportage and anecdotes with recipes worthy of adoration, Jay Rayner brings us the new foodie rules to live by.

Fanny in France

Titre : Fanny in France
Auteur : Alice Waters
Éditeur : Penguin
ISBN-13 : 9780698141247
Libération : 2016-10-25

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From famed chef Alice Waters, a treat for anyone who loves France, food, adventure—or all three! Fanny is a girl who knows a lot about food and cooking since she’s grown up in and around the famous restaurant Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California. When Fanny’s mother, Alice Waters, the chef and owner of Chez Panisse, starts to watch her favorite old French movies, Fanny knows soon they’ll be packing their bags and traveling to France for a visit. In this sparkling book of whimsical stories, Fanny recounts some of her most fun-filled adventures with French friends and food. Join Fanny as she helps cook a huge bouillabaisse in Provence; learns how to make fresh cheese from a shepherd high up in the Pyrenees mountains; hunts for wild oysters off the coast of Bordeaux, and discovers how one chicken can feed nine people, if served a certain way. Fanny in France is also a beginner’s cookbook with forty simple, French-inspired recipes that encourage children and adults anywhere to cook and share delicious snacks and meals with family and friends using basic methods and the most sustainable ingredients.

Zero Waste Home

Titre : Zero Waste Home
Auteur : Bea Johnson
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781451697704
Libération : 2013-04-09

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Part inspirational story of Bea Johnson (the “Priestess of Waste-Free Living”) and how she transformed her family’s life for the better by reducing their waste to an astonishing one liter per year; part practical, step-by-step guide that gives readers tools and tips to diminish their footprint and simplify their lives. In Zero Waste Home, Bea Johnson shares the story of how she simplified her life by reducing her waste. Today, Bea, her husband, Scott, and their two young sons produce just one quart of garbage a year, and their overall quality of life has changed for the better: they now have more time together, they’ve cut their annual spending by a remarkable 40 percent, and they are healthier than they’ve ever been. This book shares essential how-to advice, secrets, and insights based on Bea’s experience. She demystifies the process of going Zero Waste with hundreds of easy tips for sustainable living that even the busiest people can integrate: from making your own mustard, to packing kids’ lunches without plastic, to canceling your junk mail, to enjoying the holidays without the guilt associated with overconsumption. Zero Waste Home is a stylish and relatable step-by-step guide that will give you the practical tools to help you improve your health, save money and time, and achieve a brighter future for your family—and the planet.

Hungry Planet

Titre : Hungry Planet
Auteur : Faith d' Aluisio
Éditeur : Random House Digital, Inc.
ISBN-13 : 1580088694
Libération : 2007-01

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Provides an overview of what families around the world eat by featuring portraits of thirty families from twenty-four countries with a week's supply of food.

Z ro d chet

Titre : Z ro d chet
Auteur : Béa Johnson
Éditeur : Les Arènes
ISBN-13 : 9782352043065
Libération : 2014-08-20T00:00:00+02:00

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Béa Johnson est une française installée aux États-Unis avec son mari Scott et leurs deux jeunes garçons. Elle s'est lancée dans une étonnante aventure : simplifier sa vie en réduisant ses déchets. Aujourd'hui, la famille Johnson n'en produit plus qu'un litre par an ! Dans ce livre, Béa nous dévoile des centaines d'astuces et de conseils pratiques pour adopter un mode de vie durable...

Lookbook Cookbook

Titre : Lookbook Cookbook
Auteur : Jessica Milan
Éditeur : Page Street Publishing
ISBN-13 : 9781624141300
Libération : 2015-05-12

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A Lookbook of Style, A Cookbook of Easy Recipes Who says fashionistas can't enjoy delicious food? Jessica Milan, a model-turned-photographer and health-conscious foodie, brings you a lookbook of unique style and a cookbook of tasty vegan and gluten-free meals. Flip through and you will find super simple recipes for smoothies, apps, snacks, mains and treats paired with photos of real girls indulging in the finished products. You will love looking through the photos as much as you enjoy preparing and eating these amazing recipes, like Tex-Mex Potato Skins, Veggie Pad Thai, Quinoa Yam Patties and Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta Pesto. All of the recipes are vegan and completely soy- and gluten-free, using only fresh, all natural, good-for-the-body-and-the-mind ingredients, so you can savor every bite with no guilt. The heart of Lookbook Cookbook is in the clean, delicious and easy-to-make recipes, but also the soul is in its message: all girls deserve to have their pancakes and eat them too. So, whether you follow a strict vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free diet, or you simply want to incorporate more healthy meals into your week, Lookbook Cookbook is your must-have source of inspiration!

The Book of Tea

Titre : The Book of Tea
Auteur : Kakuzō Okakura
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015002165978
Libération : 1912

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Kakuzō Okakura A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de The Book of Tea Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.