m thode Delavier de musculation

Titre : m thode Delavier de musculation
Auteur : Frédéric Delavier
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 2711420183
Libération : 2009

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Ce livre est le fruit d'une collaboration de plus de 15 ans entre Frédéric Delavier et Michael Gundill. D'une approche très visuelle, avec de nombreuses photos et illustrations, un texte clair et précis et plus de 200 exercices et 50 programmes, cet ouvrage révolutionnaire vous apportera toutes les réponses à vos questions pour débuter, progresser et vous perfectionner en musculation ou dans votre discipline sportive. Les auteurs ont réalisé des articles pour de nombreux magazines comme Mind & Muscle Power, Men's Health, Sport Revue ou encore IronMan aux Etats-Unis, où ils ont tenu pendant de nombreuses années la célèbre rubrique de biomécanique. Leurs parcours sportif et professionnel en font deux des plus grands spécialistes internationaux de la musculation et du fitness.

Strength Training Anatomy

Titre : Strength Training Anatomy
Auteur : Frédéric Delavier
Éditeur : Human Kinetics
ISBN-13 : 9780736092265
Libération : 2010

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A best-seller now features more than 600 full-color illustrations--adding 48 pages of new exercises and stretches for each of the major muscle groups--to give readers an understanding of how muscles perform while training, in a resource that combines the detail of top anatomy texts with the best of strength training advice. Original.

Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy

Titre : Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy
Auteur : Bret Contreras
Éditeur : Human Kinetics
ISBN-13 : 9781450466448
Libération : 2013-09-06

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Going far beyond standard pull-ups, push-ups, and squats, Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy presents 156 unique exercises that work every muscle in the body. Detailed anatomical artwork accompanies step-by-step instructions for performing each exercise anytime, anywhere, without the need for equipment or machines.

A History of Civilizations

Titre : A History of Civilizations
Auteur : Fernand Braudel
Éditeur : Penguin Group USA
ISBN-13 : 0140124896
Libération : 1995

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The French historian takes an anti-ethnocentric look at the broad, continuing sweep of the history of civilization since the eighth century. By the author of The Structures of Everyday Life.

Delavier s Stretching Anatomy

Titre : Delavier s Stretching Anatomy
Auteur : Frédéric Delavier
Éditeur : Human Kinetics
ISBN-13 : 9781450413985
Libération : 2010

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Frédéric Delavier has captivated millions with Strength Training Anatomy. Now readers have access to his exercise expertise and trademark illustrations once again with Delavier's Stretching Anatomy. With 250 full-color photos and 300 detailed illustrations, this guide depicts over 130 exercises to increase flexibility, tone muscles and reduce injury. All body regions are covered and sport-specific stretching routines are included. Original.

Delavier s Anatomy for Bigger Stronger Arms

Titre : Delavier s Anatomy for Bigger Stronger Arms
Auteur : Frederic Delavier
Éditeur : Human Kinetics
ISBN-13 : 9781450440219
Libération : 2011

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Best-selling author Frederic Delavier brings his singular style to a resource designed to help serious weightlifters increase mass, definition, and strength in their biceps, triceps, and forearms. "Delavier's Anatomy for Bigger, Stronger Arms" is filled with over 330 full-color photos and 130 distinctive illustrations that highlight more than 100 exercises.

No and Me

Titre : No and Me
Auteur : Delphine de Vigan
Éditeur : A&C Black
ISBN-13 : 9781408813959
Libération : 2010-08-02

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Lou Bertignac has an IQ of 160 and a good friend called Lucas, who gets her through the school day. At home her father cries in secret in the bathroom and her mother hasn't been out of the house properly for years. But Lou is about to change her life - and that of her parents - for good, all because of a school project she decides to do about the homeless. Through the project Lou meets No, a teenage girl living on the streets. As their friendship grows, Lou cannot bear that No is still on the streets when she goes back home - even if it is to a home that is saddened and desolate. So she asks her parents if No can come to live with them. To her astonishment, her parents - eventually - agree. No's presence forces Lou and her parents to finally face the sadness that has enveloped them. But No has disruptive as well as positive effects. Can this shaky newfound family continue to live together? A tense, brilliant novel tackling the true meaning of home and homelessness.


Titre : Concorde
Auteur : Frederic Beniada
Éditeur : Zenith Press
ISBN-13 : 0760327033
Libération : 2006-11-15

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On January 21, 1976, the date of Concorde's first commercial flight, Air France and British Airways took air transport into the supersonic era. Suddenly, travelers could fly in luxury across the Atlantic in a matter of a few hours and faster than the speed of sound. This book provides an account of a prodigious aeronautical enterprise and of the technical and human exploits needed to ensure that this extraordinary aircraft, the outcome of exemplary European cooperation, saw the light of day. Photos of the iconic plane's exteriors, engineering, specs, interiors, details - even an oversized photo of the place setting served in first class - are reproduced on the highest quality paper to pay tribute to the plane synonymous with speed, luxury, and style. A must-have collectible edition for anyone who flew on the Concorde or for any serious civil aviation enthusiast's library.

The Strength Training Anatomy Workout II

Titre : The Strength Training Anatomy Workout II
Auteur : Frédéric Delavier
Éditeur : Human Kinetics
ISBN-13 : 9781450419895
Libération : 2012

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Provides illustrations, photographs, and step-by-step instructions for exercises and programs for strength, power, bodybuilding, shaping and toning, and sport-specific training.

Bunny Slopes

Titre : Bunny Slopes
Auteur : Claudia Rueda
Éditeur : Chronicle Books
ISBN-13 : 9781452163253
Libération : 2016-10-04

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Time to tackle the bunny slope! Shake to help Bunny make it snow, tilt to help Bunny ski down the slope, and turn to help Bunny escape a cliff in his path. Is there any obstacle Bunny can't conquer? Bringing grins and guffaws with each turn of the page, readers will find Claudia Rueda's innovative bookmaking as entertaining as the twists and turns of a ski slope—and as satisfying as a cozy cup of hot cocoa.