En attendant Bojangles

Titre : En attendant Bojangles
Auteur : Olivier BOURDEAUT
Éditeur : Finitude
ISBN-13 : 9782363390677
Libération : 2016-01-07T00:00:00+01:00

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Sous le regard émerveillé de leur fils, ils dansent sur «Mr. Bojangles» de Nina Simone. Leur amour est magique, vertigineux, une fête perpétuelle. Chez eux, il n’y a de place que pour le plaisir, la fantaisie et les amis. Celle qui mène le bal, c’est la mère, imprévisible et extravagante. Elle n’a de cesse de les entraîner dans un tourbillon de poésie et de chimères. Un jour, pourtant, elle va trop loin. Et père et fils feront tout pour éviter l’inéluctable, pour que la fête continue, coûte que coûte. L’amour fou n’a jamais si bien porté son nom.


Auteur : Sel Hubert
Éditeur : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN-13 : 1462810241
Libération : 2010-04-07

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“Out of Broken Glass” is the true story of a young German Jewish boy who endures and overcomes Nazi terror and hardship and finds himself a lonely refugee among strangers in wartime England. Orphaned by the Holocaust, he comes to America where he serves in the U.S military and then converts an eight grade education into two college degrees and a successful professional career. He creates his own family, leads a colorful life that features extraordinary experiences and challenges to his past and to his faith and values. This is the uplifting memoir of Sel Hubert whose tranquil village life in Cronheim is shattered by the Nazis when, as a ten-year old, he is assaulted by his classmates and forced out of his school. Sent to live with strangers in Nürnberg, he becomes immersed in an Orthodox lifestyle and attends the Jewish school where he thrives scholastically. Caught up in the frenzy of a huge Nazi political rally, Sel maneuvers himself to look into the steely eyes of Adolf Hitler but escapes unhurt. No longer able to work and pay for Sel’s lodging, his father has to bring him home, only to live through the terror of Kristallnacht when the Nazis invade and trash their house and arrest his father who is sent to the notorious Dachau concentration camp. Devastated by that ordeal, Sel and his mother plead with the U.S. consulate for his father’s release and for permission to emigrate to the U.S. but are turned away. Expelled from their village, the family finds refuge with relatives in Augsburg, living in constant fear of further terror and arrest while trying desperately to flee Germany by any legal means. Suddenly, an offer comes to send just one child to safety in England on the Kindertransport. The Huberts face a cruel choice: which of their two children should they save -- thirteen year-old Sel or his older sister Emma? After a gut-wrenching family discussion, she is chosen in the hope that she can better help to secure a subsequent Kindertransport escape for him, which fortunately happens three months later. Sel bids an emotional farewell to his distraught mother and then travels with his father to the Munich railway station platform where he and hundreds of children say tearful good-bys before boarding a special train that takes them away from their parents, forever for most. He embarks on the terrifying lonely journey to freedom, not knowing where or with whom he will live and is taken in by a Jewish family King in London who makes him feel safe and welcome and restores his broken spirits. He develops close relationships with them and with the synagogue that sponsored his rescue and he writes reassuring letters home to his parents. But after only 6 weeks, he is again uprooted when, as war threatens, the government evacuates him with his school into the countryside where he is assigned to live with a childless Christian couple in a small village that has no Jews. War breaks out and his fears about the fate of his parents trapped in Germany escalate when he learns that they were “sent away”. Lonely and yearning for religious sustenance, he seeks spiritual comfort by attending a church service where his Jewish soul is unexpectedly renewed and nourished. Too proud to remain on charitable support, he quits school and starts to work in an office at age fourteen. He later moves into a hostel for Kindertransport refugees in Cambridge where he feels rejuvenated among his own peers and learns to become a motor mechanic. He turns down an offer to enter an Orthodox rabbinic school, reluctant to embrace and commit to such a lifestyle. Early in 1945, he crosses the U-Boat infested Atlantic to accept an invitation to live with relatives in New York where he joins the US Army Air Corps (now U.S. Air Force) and attains US citizenship. As sergeant in the Air Transport Command, he personally pleads with Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson to administer justice as he boards his military flight to be Chief Prosecutor of the top Nazis

The Lamentations of Zeno

Titre : The Lamentations of Zeno
Auteur : Ilija Trojanow
Éditeur : Verso Books
ISBN-13 : 9781784782221
Libération : 2016-05-03

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A literary fiction about climate disaster and a scientist imploding on a journey to the Antarctic Zeno Hintermeier is a scientist working as a travel guide on an Antarctic cruise ship, encouraging the wealthy to marvel at the least explored continent and to open their eyes to its rapid degradation. It is a troubling turn in the life of an idealistic glaciologist. Now in his early sixties, Zeno bewails the loss of his beloved glaciers, the disintegration of his marriage, and the foundering of his increasingly irrelevant career. Troubled in conscience and goaded by the smug complacency of the passengers in his charge, he starts to plan a desperate gesture that will send a wake-up call to an overheating world. The Lamentations of Zeno is an extraordinary evocation of the fragile and majestic wonders to be found at a far corner of the globe, written by a novelist who is a renowned travel writer. Poignant and playful, the novel recalls the experimentation of high-modernist fiction without compromising a limpid sense of place or the pace of its narrative. It is a portrait of a man in extremis, a haunting and at times irreverent tale that approaches the greatest challenge of our age—perhaps of our entire history as a species—from an impassioned human angle.

Body Soul

Titre : Body Soul
Auteur : Frank Conroy
Éditeur : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN-13 : 9780547729015
Libération : 1993-09-29

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As a boy, Claude Rawlings looks up through the grated window of his basement apartment to watch the world go by. Poor, lonely, supported by a taxi-driver mother whose eccentricities spin more and more out of control, he faces the terrible task of growing up on the margins of life, destined to be a spectator of that great world always hurrying out of reach. But there is an out-of-tune piano in the small apartment, and in unlocking the secrets of its keys, as if by magic, Claude discovers himself. He is a musical prodigy. Body & Soul is the story of a young man whose life is transformed by a gift. The gift is not without price — the work is relentless, the teachers exacting — but the reward is a journey that takes him to the drawing rooms of the rich and powerful, private schools, a gilt-edged marriage, and Carnegie Hall. Claude moves through this life as if he were playing a difficult composition, swept up in its drama and tension, surprised by its grace notes. Music, here, becomes a character in its own right, equaled in strength only by the music of Frank Conroy's own unmistakable and true voice. Bristling with character and invention, Body & Soul is Dickensian in its range and richness. This is a novel with all the emotional appeal and moral gravity of a classic bildungsroman, but with a tone as contemporary as a jazz riff—an unforgettable achievement by one of the great writers of our time.


Titre : Gatekeepers
Auteur : William Marling
Éditeur : Oxford University Press
ISBN-13 : 9780190274153
Libération : 2016-03-15

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The romantic idea of the writer as an isolated genius has been discredited, but there are few empirical studies documenting the role of "gatekeeping" in the literary process. How do friends, agents, editors, translators, small publishers, and reviewers-not to mention the changes in technology and the publishing industry-shape the literary process? This matrix is further complicated when books cross cultural and language barriers, that is, when they become part of world literature. Gatekeepers builds on the work of Pierre Bourdieu, Randall Collins, James English, and Mark McGurl, describing the multi-layered gatekeeping process in the context of World Literature after the 1960s. It focuses on four case studies: Gabriel Garc?a M?rquez, Charles Bukowski, Paul Auster and Haruki Murakami. The two American authors achieved remarkable success overseas owing to canny gatekeepers; the two international authors benefited tremendously from well-curated translation into English. Rich in archival materials (correspondence between authors, editors, and translators, and publishing industry analyses), interviews with publishers and translators, and close readings of translations, this study shows how the process and production of literature depends on the larger social forces of a given historical moment. William Marling also documents the ever-increasing Anglo-centric dictate on the gatekeeping process. World literature, the book argues, is not so much a "republic of letters" as a field of chance on which the conversation is partly bracketed by historic events and technological opportunities.

Breakfast at Tiffany s

Titre : Breakfast at Tiffany s
Auteur : Truman Capote
Éditeur : Vintage
ISBN-13 : 9780345803054
Libération : 2012-05-15

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In this seductive, wistful masterpiece, Truman Capote created a woman whose name has entered the American idiom and whose style is a part of the literary landscape. Holly Golightly knows that nothing bad can ever happen to you at Tiffany's; her poignancy, wit, and naïveté continue to charm. This volume also includes three of Capote's best-known stories, “House of Flowers,” “A Diamond Guitar,” and “A Christmas Memory,” which the Saturday Review called “one of the most moving stories in our language.” It is a tale of two innocents—a small boy and the old woman who is his best friend—whose sweetness contains a hard, sharp kernel of truth.


Titre : Prisoners
Auteur : Jeffrey Goldberg
Éditeur : Vintage
ISBN-13 : 9780307265975
Libération : 2006-10-03

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During the first Palestinian uprising in 1990, Jeffrey Goldberg – an American Jew – served as a guard at the largest prison camp in Israel. One of his prisoners was Rafiq, a rising leader in the PLO. Overcoming their fears and prejudices, the two men began a dialogue that, over more than a decade, grew into a remarkable friendship. Now an award-winning journalist, Goldberg describes their relationship and their confrontations over religious, cultural, and political differences; through these discussions, he attempts to make sense of the conflicts in this embattled region, revealing the truths that lie buried within the animosities of the Middle East. From the Trade Paperback edition.

And Then Came Paulette

Titre : And Then Came Paulette
Auteur : Barbara Constantine
Éditeur : Hachette UK
ISBN-13 : 9781782060994
Libération : 2014-03-06

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A charming tale of family, friendship, love and loneliness, a feel-good bestseller that put the smiles back on French faces. When his son's family move away (with one last argument on their lips), widower Ferdinand is left with only a sadistic kitten for company on a farm that was built for a family. Just as loneliness starts to bite, he discovers his neighbour Marceline has long been shivering beneath a leaky roof. He welcomes her to his farm, temporarily of course, and also provides a home for her dog, and for Cornelius, her gluttonous donkey. As each begrudgingly adjusts to the other's quirks, yet more new arrivals appear. It seems that Ferdinand isn't the only one who was all alone, and the dusty farm becomes a haven for lost souls of every age to share their sorrows and set about rediscovering their joie de vivre. But amidst the newfound hustle and bustle, one final uninvited guest threatens to upset the apple cart once and for all...

Crude Nation

Titre : Crude Nation
Auteur : Raúl Gallegos
Éditeur : U of Nebraska Press
ISBN-13 : 9781612348575
Libération : 2016-10-01

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Beneath Venezuelan soil lies an ocean of crude--the world's largest reserves--an oil patch that shaped the nature of the global energy business. Unfortunately, a dysfunctional anti-American, leftist government controls this vast resource and has used its wealth to foster voter support, ultimately wreaking economic havoc. Crude Nation reveals the ways in which this mismanagement has led to Venezuela's economic ruin and turned the country into a cautionary tale for the world. Ra�l Gallegos, a former Caracas-based oil correspondent, paints a picture both vivid and analytical of the country's economic decline, the government's foolhardy economic policies, and the wrecked lives of Venezuelans. Without transparency, the Venezuelan government uses oil money to subsidize life for its citizens in myriad unsustainable ways, while regulating nearly every aspect of day-to-day existence in Venezuela. This has created a paradox in which citizens can fill up the tanks of their SUVs for less than one American dollar while simultaneously enduring nationwide shortages of staples such as milk, sugar, and toilet paper. Gallegos's insightful analysis shows how mismanagement has ruined Venezuela again and again over the past century and lays out how Venezuelans can begin to fix their country, a nation that can play an important role in the global energy industry.

Himmler s Cook

Titre : Himmler s Cook
Auteur : Franz-Olivier Giesbert
Éditeur : Atlantic Books Ltd
ISBN-13 : 9781782394136
Libération : 2015-06-04

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Aged 105, Rose has endured more than her fair share of hardships: the Armenian genocide, the Nazi regime, and the delirium of Maoism. Yet somehow, despite all the suffering, Rose never loses her joie de vivre. As she looks back over her long life - one of survival and, sometimes, one of retribution - she recalls those unique experiences that added such spice to her life, whether it was being a confidante to Hitler, a friend to Simone de Beauvoir or cooking for Heinrich Himmler.