Cross Platform Development with Delphi XE7 and Firemonkey for Windows and Mac OS X

Titre : Cross Platform Development with Delphi XE7 and Firemonkey for Windows and Mac OS X
Auteur : Harry Stahl
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1517363152
Libération : 2015-09-15

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Find Tips for converting your Delphi App from VCL to FireMonkey; Add missing hints to your FMX-App; Bring your Mac OS X App into the Apple App Store About this book Working with the new Multi Device Designer in Delphi XE7 Solutions and workarounds for the Firemonkey framework Tips for using the MIDA Converter Who this book is for This book is not for beginners in programming. It is for experienced VCL-developers, who want's to start with FireMonkey now. Or you are still working with FireMonkey and searching for several problem-solutions. In detail The book is a great help for all those Delphi developers, who want to do cross-platform development with FireMonkey for Windows and MAC OS X. The author presents his experience, which he has collected for this purpose as a developer. Save yourself hours and days to searching for solutions for tasks, which looks differently under FireMonkey, as under the Windows VCL. In particular, for frequently used VCL components is described, what are the equivalent components under FireMonkey and what might work differently. A separate section describes the use of the MIDA Converter (also in the Pro and Studio version), which helps you to convert your existing VCL application into a FireMonkey application. The process, how to bring programs that are developed with Delphi XE7 into the Apple App Store is also described in detail in this book. Since mid-2012, an application for the Mac AppStore must support the Apple sandboxing model. In the book is explained what is meant by this and how to use the so-called Entitlements. Also, it is described how to obtain persistent access to files and folders outside of the sandbox with App-Scoped Security bookmarks. In the appendix of the book you will find a printed HSW.FMXSandbox.pas unit (about 350 lines), which makes it possible under Delphi to work with these bookmarks. You will only reach the full performance and functionallity of your program, if you can access all the functions provided by the MAC OS X system. You can do this via the API functions of the system that can be integrated with the 3 layers "POSIX", CORE-API "and COCOA into the Delphi program. The book explains what is meant by these 3 layers and how you can access the individual functions in general. A separate section shows you how to work with graphics in FireMonkey, e.g. how to turn bitmaps, reflect, invert, color to gray or use other color filter functions applied to the bitmap. The section "Tips & Tricks for cross-platform development" describes amongst others difficulties, which could prevent you from bringing the application into the App Store. Do not wait 14 days after uploading your application for review and then only hearing from the Apple-review staff, why your app is rejected. The book also describes alternatives for an own distribution of the programs (outside the App Store), for example by delevering a ".dmg" file or a package that was created with the Package Maker. The book covers changes that have occurred with FireMonkey in XE7. It will be discussed in detail how to work with the Multi Device Designer ("Fire UI"), which makes the platform development much easier. In the chapter "How to - Tips & Tricks" a number of tricks (>30) and workarounds will be shown (e.g. hints in FireMonkey, own drawing of listbox elements or grid-cells, etc.) which are required urgently for a really full-fledged Windows or MAC OS X program. The book is also helpful for users who working with Delphi XE8 or newer. The 6th edition of this book was translated by a professional translator.

FireMonkey Development for IOS and OS X with Delphi XE2

Titre : FireMonkey Development for IOS and OS X with Delphi XE2
Auteur : Graeme Chandler
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 0987421018
Libération : 2012

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Graeme Chandler A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de FireMonkey Development for IOS and OS X with Delphi XE2 Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Delphi Cookbook Second Edition

Titre : Delphi Cookbook Second Edition
Auteur : Daniele Teti
Éditeur : Packt Publishing
ISBN-13 : 1785287427
Libération : 2016-06-30

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Over 60 hands-on recipes to help you master the power of Delphi for cross-platform and mobile development on multiple platformsAbout This Book- Get to grips with Delphi to build and deploy various cross-platform applications- Design, develop, and deploy real-world applications by implementing a single source codebase- This swift guide will increase your productivity to develop applications with DelphiWho This Book Is ForIf you are an intermediate developer with a basic knowledge of Delphi and you want to develop cross-platform applications, then this book is for you. Familiarity with the fundamentals of RAD (Rapid Application Development) Studio is expected.What You Will Learn- Develop visually stunning applications using FireMonkey- Deploy LiveBinding effectively with the right OOP approach- Create server-side programs to serve RESTful web services and provide data to your mobile apps- Use well-defined GUI design patterns to build mobile applications that provide a great user experience- Build mobile apps that read data from a remote server efficiently- Call the platform native API on Android and iOS even for an unpublished API- Manage software customization for your customer by making better use of an extended RTTI- Implement the most popular design pattern without wasting too much time on debugging and bug fixingIn DetailDelphi is a cross-platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that supports rapid application development for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Google Android, and Apple iOS. It helps you to concentrate on the real business and save yourself the pain of wandering amid GUI widget details, or having to tackle inter-platform incompatibilities. It also has a wide range of drag-and-drop controls, helping you code your business logic into your business model, and it compiles natively for desktop and mobile platforms.This book will teach you how to design and develop applications, deploy them on the cloud platform, and distribute them within an organization via Google Play and other similar platforms.You will begin with the basics of Delphi and get acquainted with JSON format strings, XSLT transformations, unicode encodings and various types of streams. We then move on to more advanced topics such as developing higher-order functions and using enumerators and RTTI. You will get an understanding of how Delphi RTL functions and how to use FireMonkey in a VCL application. We will then cover topics such as multithreading, using the parallel programming library and putting Delphi on a server. We will also take a look at the new feature of WebBroker Apache modules and then ride the mobile revolution with FireMonkey.By the end of the book, you will be able to develop and deploy cross-platform applications using Delphi.Style and approachDelphi Cookbook is an easy-to-follow guide, rich with hands-on examples of real-world programming tasks in Delphi.

MVVM in Delphi

Titre : MVVM in Delphi
Auteur : John Kouraklis
Éditeur : Apress
ISBN-13 : 9781484222140
Libération : 2016-10-26

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Dive into the world of MVVM, learn how to build modern Windows applications, and prepare for cross-platform development. This book introduces you to the right mindset and demonstrates suitable methodologies that allow for quick understanding of the MVVM paradigm. MVVM in Delphi shows you how to use a quick and efficient MVVM framework that allows for scalability, is of manageable complexity, and provides strong efficiency. One of the biggest challenges developers face is how to convert legacy and monolithic Delphi applications to the MVVM architecture. This book takes you on a step-by-step journey and teaches you how to adapt an application to fit into the MVVM design. What You Will Learn Gain the fundamentals of MVVM Visualize MVVM as a design philosophy Create easy-to-use frameworks for building your own MVVM applications Develop a methodology for converting legacy applications to the MVVM pattern Architect cross-platform and multi-lingual applications using the MVVM pattern Who This Book Is For Delphi developers with a good knowledge of Delphi or programming experience in a different language. In addition, this book is attractive to Delphi developers who want to modernize existing applications based on the MVVM design.

Delphi Cookbook

Titre : Delphi Cookbook
Auteur : Daniele Teti
Éditeur : Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN-13 : 9781783559596
Libération : 2014-09-25

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Intended to refresh the basics of Delphi as well as advance your knowledge to the next level, it is assumed you will know RAD studio and the Object Pascal language. However, if you are not an experienced RAD studio programmer this accessible guide will still develop those initial crucial skills.

Delphi in Depth

Titre : Delphi in Depth
Auteur : Cary Jensen
Éditeur : McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
ISBN-13 : 0078822114
Libération : 1996-01-01

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With approximately 50% of the book's material applying to Delphi for Windows, this book teaches developers how to go full-throttle with Delphi--no matter which version they're using. The authors zero in on programming techniques that fully exploit Delphi's capabilities.

The 4400 Welcome to Promise City

Titre : The 4400 Welcome to Promise City
Auteur : Greg Cox
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781416565505
Libération : 2009-09-22

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Based on the hit USA Network series The 4400, an original novel about a group of 4400 people taken out of their time and returned to the present day with special powers, only no one, including them, is sure if they are a force for good...or for evil. Over nine thousand people were killed in Seattle, when promicin was unleashed within the city limits. Now the Federal government has to decide how to deal with citizens who have powers and abilities that cannot be legislated. An uneasy truce has arisen between Jordan Collier, the self-styled leader of The 4400, and the Federal government. While he stopped more people from being killed, Collier was the one responsible for unleashing promicin on the world. Now governments around the world have to wonder just who controls these powerful people and just what are Collier and The 4400 going to do next?

Code Complete

Titre : Code Complete
Auteur : Steve McConnell
Éditeur : Pearson Education
ISBN-13 : 9780735636972
Libération : 2004-06-09

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Widely considered one of the best practical guides to programming, Steve McConnell’s original CODE COMPLETE has been helping developers write better software for more than a decade. Now this classic book has been fully updated and revised with leading-edge practices—and hundreds of new code samples—illustrating the art and science of software construction. Capturing the body of knowledge available from research, academia, and everyday commercial practice, McConnell synthesizes the most effective techniques and must-know principles into clear, pragmatic guidance. No matter what your experience level, development environment, or project size, this book will inform and stimulate your thinking—and help you build the highest quality code. Discover the timeless techniques and strategies that help you: Design for minimum complexity and maximum creativity Reap the benefits of collaborative development Apply defensive programming techniques to reduce and flush out errors Exploit opportunities to refactor—or evolve—code, and do it safely Use construction practices that are right-weight for your project Debug problems quickly and effectively Resolve critical construction issues early and correctly Build quality into the beginning, middle, and end of your project

C Programming From Problem Analysis to Program Design

Titre : C Programming From Problem Analysis to Program Design
Auteur : D. S. Malik
Éditeur : Cengage Learning
ISBN-13 : 9781337514491
Libération : 2017-05-24

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Learn how to program with C++ using today’s definitive choice for your first programming language experience -- C++ PROGRAMMING: FROM PROBLEM ANALYSIS TO PROGRAM DESIGN, 8E. D.S. Malik’s time-tested, user-centered methodology incorporates a strong focus on problem-solving with full-code examples that vividly demonstrate the hows and whys of applying programming concepts and utilizing C++ to work through a problem. Thoroughly updated end-of-chapter exercises, more than 20 extensive new programming exercises, and numerous new examples drawn from Dr. Malik’s experience further strengthen the reader’s understanding of problem solving and program design in this new edition. This book highlights the most important features of C++ 14 Standard with timely discussions that ensure this edition equips you to succeed in your first programming experience and well beyond. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Mastering Delphi

Titre : Mastering Delphi
Auteur : Pawel Glowacki
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1786460165
Libération : 2017-08-31

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Become a developer superhero and build stunning cross-platform apps with DelphiAbout This Book* A one stop guide on Delphi to help you build cross-platform applications* This book covers important concepts such as FireMonkey library and shows you how to interact with the Internet of Things, enabling you to understand server side programming* The code is explained in detail with explanations and observations to create powerful cross-platform applications with a single code baseWho This Book Is ForIf you want to create stunning applications for mobile, desktop, and the Internet of Things, then this book is for you. This book is for developers who would like to build native cross-platform applications with a single codebase for iOS and Android. Basic knowledge of Delphi is assumed, although we do cover a primer on the language.What you will learn* Understand the basics of Delphi and the FireMonkey application platform as well as the specifics of Android and iOS platforms* Complete complex apps quickly with access to platform features and APIs using a single, easy-to-maintain code base* Work with local data sources, including SQLite and IB ToGo, standard REST Servers, and Backend-as-a-Service providers* Take full advantage of using mobile hardware capabilities by working with sensors and Internet of Things gadgets and devices* Integrate with cloud services and data using REST APIs and scalable multi-tier frameworks for outstanding multiuser and social experience* Architect and deploy powerful mobile back-end services and get rich by monetizing your mobile apps with ads and in-app purchases* Get to know the best practices to write a high-quality, reliable, and maintainable codebase in the Delphi Object Pascal languageIn DetailDelphi is the most powerful Object Pascal IDE and component library for cross-platform native app development. It provides powerful VCL controls for Windows 10 and enables FMX development for Windows, Mac, and mobile.This book will help you to build server-side applications, create web services, and have clear GUI for your project. The book comes with a basic primer on Delphi and quickly moves on to building advanced-level concepts.Through this book, we'll help you understand the architecture of applications and will teach you the important concepts of FireMonkey library, show you how to build server-side services, and enable you to interact with the Internet of Things.By the end of the book, you will be able to build powerful cross-platforms applications for iOS and Android with a single code base.