8 romans Black Rose 1 gratuit no428 431 Mai 2017

Titre : 8 romans Black Rose 1 gratuit no428 431 Mai 2017
Auteur : Collectif
Éditeur : Harlequin
ISBN-13 : 9782280375061
Libération : 2017-05-01

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"Intégrale 8 romans Black Rose + 1 gratuit : tous les titres Black Rose de Mai en un seul clic ! Amour + suspense = Black Rose. Envie de vous évader de votre quotidien ? Besoin d’action et d’émotions fortes ? Plongez sans plus tarder dans un roman Black Rose, subtil mélange de romance et de suspense ! Une mariée sous protection, Lisa Childs Troublante collaboration, Paula Graves A la recherche de son bébé, Delores Fossen Enquête à Mystic Glades, Lena Diaz Un garde du corps improvisé, Elle James Les faux fiancés, Debra & Regan Webb & Black Présumée suspecte, Fiona Brand - réédité Dangereuse imposture, Marilyn Pappano - réédité BONUS ! 1 roman GRATUIT inclus : Par-delà les flammes, Julie Miller - réédité "

Quantum Effects in Biology

Titre : Quantum Effects in Biology
Auteur : Masoud Mohseni
Éditeur : Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13 : 9781139952217
Libération : 2014-08-07

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Quantum mechanics provides the most accurate microscopic description of the world around us, yet the interface between quantum mechanics and biology is only now being explored. This book uses a combination of experiment and theory to examine areas of biology believed to be strongly influenced by manifestly quantum phenomena. Covering subjects ranging from coherent energy transfer in photosynthetic light harvesting to spin coherence in the avian compass and the problem of molecular recognition in olfaction, the book is ideal for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in physics, biology and chemistry seeking to understand the applications of quantum mechanics to biology.

Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies

Titre : Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies
Auteur : Susannah Gardner
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 0764597140
Libération : 2005-03-11

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In this instant-communication world, buzz means business! And one of the greatest ways to get customers and potential customers buzzing about your business is with a Web log, commonly called a blog. Blogs can help you: Introduce the people behind your business Discuss relevant issues Provide a clearinghouse for information and expertise Show your business as a good corporate citizen Support an exchange of ideas Get honest feedback from your customers Affect public opinion If you’re new to blogging, or if you know the mechanics of a blog but want some help refining and targeting yours, Buzz Marketing With Blogs For Dummies will get you going right away. An expert blogger shows you the ins and outs of putting together a professional-looking blog, walks you through the jargon, helps you decide what your blog should do, and even explains various software solutions. You’ll find out how to: Set up and maintain a blog, write in blogging style, and observe blogging etiquette Define your audience and target your blog to reach them Involve your customers, earn their trust, educate the public, and build community Avoid possible legal pitfalls while keeping your blog interesting Encourage contributions and links to your blog Use images and design an eye-catching format Optimize your blog for top search engine ratings, track your results, and measure your success Written by Susannah Gardner, who has taught online journalism, directed multimedia efforts, and provided custom Web solutions to clients, Buzz Marketing With Blogs For Dummies even shares tips from the experts who establish and maintain some of the top-rated business blogs. You’ll discover the secrets of success, how to spot and solve problems, what software can enhance your blogging life, and a whole lot more. It like having a staff of experts on call!

Public Space

Titre : Public Space
Auteur : Matthew Carmona
Éditeur : Routledge
ISBN-13 : 9781134166640
Libération : 2008-06-03

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In both the UK and the US there is a sense of dissatisfaction and pessimism about the state of urban environments, particularly with the quality of everyday public spaces. Explanations for this have emphasized the poor quality of design that characterizes many new public spaces; spaces that are dominated by parking, roads infrastructure, introspective buildings, a lack of enclosure and a poor sense of place, and which in different ways for different groups are too often exclusionary. Yet many well designed public spaces have also experienced decline and neglect, as the services and activities upon which the continuing quality of those spaces have been subject to the same constraints and pressures for change as public services in general. These issues touch upon the daily management of public space, that is, the coordination of the many different activities that constantly define and redefine the characteristics and quality of public space. This book draws on three empirical projects to examine the questions of public space management on an international stage. They are set within a context of theoretical debates about public space, its history, contemporary patterns of use and changing nature in western society, and about the new management approaches that are increasingly being adopted.

Professional CSS

Titre : Professional CSS
Auteur : Christopher Schmitt
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9780470383100
Libération : 2008-08-04

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Christopher Schmitt A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de Professional CSS Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Pocket Atlas of Obstetric Ultrasound

Titre : Pocket Atlas of Obstetric Ultrasound
Auteur : Gary A. Thieme
Éditeur : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN-13 : 0397516231
Libération : 1996

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Here is a complete and convenient guide to the normal sonographic appearances of the embryo and fetus and its uterine environment. This handy atlas will provide you with a thorough knowledge of normal fetal anatomy and better enable you to promptly recognize and diagnose abnormalities. The images in this atlas were produced with state-of-the-art high-resolution ultrasound imaging systems and depict a spectrum of normal anatomy encountered during pregnancy. Coverage includes the fetal environment - the cervix, uterus, placenta, and umbilical cord, the successive stages of embryonic development; and the normal appearances of fetal organ systems. The appendix provides a set of basic biometry tables for easy reference and daily use. This pocket atlas is an essential resource for all health care professionals who perform or interpret obstetric ultrasound studies, including radiologists, obstetricians and gynecologists, sonographers, geneticists, nurses, and genetic counselors.

The Accidental Entrepreneur

Titre : The Accidental Entrepreneur
Éditeur : AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn
ISBN-13 : 0814401899
Libération : 2008-05-26

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Like many business owners, Susan-Urquhart Brown never expected to end up as an entrepreneur. Launching her own business spoke to her passions, but she soon realized there was much more to being a successful owner than she ever expected. In The Accidental Entrepreneur, she takes all the mystery out of going solo. For those who are just beginning to consider starting a venture as well as those who want to take their organization to the next level, she offers advice on what works and what doesn’t. With hard-won wisdom and empathy, she shows readers: • the 8 questions everyone should ask up front • the top 10 traits of the successful entrepreneur • how to obtain a license and sellers permit • the best way to create a business plan • 10 simple ways to get referrals • the 6 secrets of marketing a business • smart tips for investing and finance • ways to avoid burnout • how to avoid the 7 biggest pitfalls in business Starting one’s own business should be exciting, not scary. This is the one book that will show readers how to create a successful and fulfilling venture they can be proud of.

Pro Oracle Database 11g Administration

Titre : Pro Oracle Database 11g Administration
Auteur : Darl Kuhn
Éditeur : Apress
ISBN-13 : 1430229705
Libération : 2010-12-29

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Pro Oracle Database 11g Administration is a book focused on results. Author Darl Kuhn draws from a well of experience over a decade deep to lay out real-world techniques that lead to success as an Oracle Database administrator. He gives clear explanations on how to perform critical tasks. He weaves in theory where necessary without bogging you down in unneeded detail. He is not afraid to take a stand on how things should be done. He won’t leave you adrift in a sea of choices, showing you three ways to do something and then walking away. Database administration isn’t about passing a certified exam, or about pointing-and-clicking your way through a crisis. Database administration is about applying the right solution at the right time, about avoiding risk, about making robust choices that get you home each night in time for dinner with your family. If you have “buck stops here” responsibility for an Oracle database, then Pro Oracle Database 11g Administration is the book you need to help elevate yourself to the level of Professional Oracle Database Administrator. Condenses and organizes the core job of a database administrator into one volume. Takes a results-oriented approach to getting things done. Lays a foundation upon which to build a senior level of expertise What you’ll learn Create a stable environment consistent across all databases that you manage Take care of job #1: backing up, and then recovering when needed Manage users and objects, and the security between them Do battle with “large”—large databases and large objects Move and distribute data using Data Pump, materialized views, external tables Automate critical jobs and tackle database troubleshooting problems Who this book is for Pro Oracle Database 11g Administration is aimed at new database administrators who aspire to senior positions in which employers and customers trust you to work independently, and with a “buck stops here” attitude. Table of Contents Installing the Oracle Binaries Implementing a Database Configuring an Efficient Environment Tablespaces and Datafiles Managing Control Files and Online Redo Logs Users and Basic Security Tables and Constraints Indexes Views, Synonyms, and Sequences Data Dictionary Basics Large Objects Partitioning: Divide and Conquer Data Pump External Tables Materialized Views User-Managed Backup and Recovery Configuring RMAN RMAN Backups and Reporting RMAN Restore and Recovery Oracle Secure Backup Automating Jobs Database Troubleshooting

Coaching Tennis Successfully

Titre : Coaching Tennis Successfully
Auteur : United States Tennis Association
Éditeur : Human Kinetics
ISBN-13 : 0736048294
Libération : 2004

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A guide for developing a winning school tennis team features drills, coaching concepts for all the strokes, tips for mastering playing styles, and singles and doubles strategies

The Rise of Oriental Travel

Titre : The Rise of Oriental Travel
Auteur : Gerald Maclean
Éditeur : Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN-13 : 0230003265
Libération : 2006-08-08

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The Rise of Oriental Travel follows four Seventeenth-century Englishmen on their journeys around the Ottoman Empire while it was still expanding westward and the British were, for the first time in history, becoming important players in the Mediterranean. Contrary to the hostile declamations of Protestant preachers, they all found much to admire, from the multi-culturalism of the Ottoman system to the food, weather and styles of life. This book shows that hostility between East and West is neither historical nor inevitable, but rather the result of selective memory.